Live Webinar for Systems Integrators

We’ve got an app for that – Adding intelligent analytics apps to your existing camera systems

Security & Safety Things and VIVOTEK invite you to join a 45-min live webinar for Systems Integrators on September 2nd at 11 am ET.


You thought apps were only for smartphones? What if you could add smart functions to your existing VIVOTEK camera systems via app, making smart camera analytics as easy as using a smartphone?  Security & Safety Things' App Store offers over 90 apps that can be uploaded to various types of cameras - turning cameras into smart sensors in a matter of minutes, providing business intelligence data for a variety of business scenarios, including:

  • PPE, smoke or gun detection
  • Smart parking
  • Automated building management
  • Heat mapping for retail stores and many more

There is a chance to win a free VIVOTEK AI Box and gift card for the S&ST App Store.