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Increase store revenue through smart retail analytics

Security cameras used to just monitor the security of goods. But the IoT in retail revolution has pushed the potential of security cameras way beyond theft prevention.

Apps are transforming the potential of security cameras, just like they did with smartphones.

You can now add security camera apps as easily and as quickly as smartphone apps.

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Making retail COVID-19-compliant

  • Retail faces a unique challenge. Keeping your customers safe is key to retaining them.

  • Groundbreaking apps can help you comply with strict COVID-19 regulations.

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Get started now and benefit from smart security cameras today

There are already countless ways to transform retail with IoT security cameras.


Improve “out of the box” solutions

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    Detect suspicious behavior before a theft takes place.

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    See data received immediately thanks to on-the-edge analytics.

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    Superb video image quality with no analytic data affected.

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