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Our Platform

The platform that fuels innovation


We connect the ecosystem of camera manufacturers, developers, integrators and customers

How? Through our game changing open IoT platform for security cameras. It enables seamless management of networked cameras — by unleashing a new generation of AI-based security applications.

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The four pillars of our platform


Camera OS

We’ve created an operating system to serve as the industry standard for security cameras. Based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), it gives developers libraries, an API framework, and codecs to work with. Camera manufacturers may use it free of charge.


Empowering developers

Our development environment gives designers and developers all the information and tools they need to develop and test apps. Analytics for app performance and business KPIs are available to help improve the product.


Application store

Integrators and users can download ready-to-use AI-based apps for IP cameras. As a global platform, the app store lets developers and solution providers monetize their solutions. It’s a marketplace set to release a wave of innovation.


Device management

Use our powerful device management portal and tool for offline cameras to combine state-of-the-art hardware with cutting-edge software. Manage devices and clients easily to create outstanding user experiences.

What’s in it for you

Camera manufacturers

Camera manufacturers

When you use our free operating system, you hit the ground running. Instead of painstakingly reinventing the wheel, your developers focus on what makes your products unique. Together, we’ll continue to advance industry standards and shared resources.

App developers

App developers

Use your skills to make a difference in the real world. Get all the tools you need to do groundbreaking work — with access to a global marketplace that lets you scale effortlessly. Join our thriving community of developers.

Integrators & distributors

Integrators & distributors

Access cutting-edge technology, such as in-camera AI-based apps. We’re your single source for security and business analytics. Security & Safety Things products always focus on usability and the customer’s needs.

End users

End users

Gain access to innovative solutions. Intelligent security equipment offers great benefits to retail, transportation, and commercial building operations while providing valuable insights.

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Set up a demo with one of our experts and see how you can join the IoT revolution.

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