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Turn IoT cameras into business all-rounders: A guide for camera owners

Learn how retailers use the latest AI technologies to deliver superior customer experiences and boost profitability.
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Author: Andy Penfold
Jul 23, 2020 6:45:00 AM
7 min read

Quick guide for camera users

Learn how you can easily find the latest apps in our Application Store enabling your IoT cameras to perform unimaginable tasks for safety and security and beyond. Our white paper gives you a quick overview of the main functions you need to start right away.

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1. Browse Application Store and find apps: Search for camera applications by name, developer or by function. Just use our easy search function or get inspired by browsing through the huge variety of apps. Click on the app you are interested in to get a brief description, screenshots and pricing information.

2. Buy and download apps from Application Store: Buying and installing apps on your cameras couldn’t be easier. With just a few clicks, you check how an app works on your camera. You can try most apps for free for 30 days before you buy.

3. Install apps on your security cameras: To test apps on your cameras, you don't have to leave our Application Store. You'll find everything you need within and see the results immediately. The only requirement is that your cameras are running our open source OS.

Guide User And Integrators

Security & Safety Things helps grow your business

Our open IoT platform for security cameras connects the ecosystems of camera manufacturers, application developers, integrators and users to turn the best available hardware and software into groundbreaking security and safety solutions.

We provide camera operators with the most innovative video analytics applications they need to turn their networked cameras into smart business all-rounders. 

Here's how it works… get free access now!

3 examples of smart apps that redefine how we use security cameras

In our Application Store you will find a wide range of applications demonstrating what smart hardware and software can do for security and safety today. 

1. Smart queue management in retail: RetailFlux Queue allows you to analyze customer traffic near checkouts and can also predict queue density to avoid long waiting times.

2. Detect suspicious objects in airports or train stations: AI-Lost allows you to detect abandoned and/or removed objects in public areas such as airports, train stations or metro stations..

3. Smart parking management: DeepParking detects free and occupied parking spaces in car parks and parking lots and allows you to replace all parking sensors with only one or two cameras. 

video analytics for parking-management-ai

These and many other apps for IoT cameras you find in our Application Store.

Signing up is incredibly easy 

• Visit our Application Store and click "register". 

Choose your role you want to use the Application Store, system integrator, application developer or both. 

Click on "System integrator" and start taking your business to the next level.

Our camera OS. Your access to the Security and Safety Things cosmos

To make sure that all apps in our Application Store can be used on as many different cameras types as possible, we created an operating system based on Android - open source and cost free. If your cameras are able to run our OS, you can benefit immediately.

Our community is growing every day, now is the right time to join!

Get in touch to schedule a call, show you a demo, and give you access!

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