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Our IoT Heroes: Theresa Hellmann - Business Development Manager

As part of the business development team at Security and Safety Things, Theresa engages integrators of camera-based security systems with our open IoT platform.

IoT Heroes - Theresa (3)

What were your main reasons and motivations to join us?

After studying International Business Development, I gained first professional experiences at a leading online marketplace, which is like Security and Safety Things, a platform that brings different stakeholders together. My passion for digital business and the unique opportunity to help create something groundbreaking lured me to Security and Safety Things.

What are the central values in your working environment?

One basic principle at Security and Safety Things is "Take ownership and responsibility". This isn't just a tagline, but part of the company's DNA. It gives me plenty of freedom to decide for myself how to achieve my goals. At the same time, it demands and encourages my creativity to get things done. I decide how I can reach integrators to inspire them with our vision and I am responsible for what I achieve, while the team supports me in making the right decisions.

“Take ownership and responsibility" isn't just a tagline, but part of the company's DNA”

What superhero power can you draw on when you need it?

I communicate with different types of people and roles in companies every day, no matter if they are managing directors, sales people or technicians. You mustn't be afraid to address people directly and be able to put yourself in the shoes of decision-makers with specific interests. I find both very easy and even fun. That's how I learned very quickly how to deal with integrators in various industries.

What are the most interesting topics you will work on here and what will be the hardest tasks to solve?

Right now our main goal is to convince leading integrators of the benefits our open IoT platform brings to their businesses, so they will become customers as soon as possible. This is quite challenging in a rather conservative industry, especially for a young company with an innovative product like ours. Fortunately, we can deliver compelling results from various pilot projects.

“My goal is to convince leading integrators of the benefits our open IoT platform brings to their businesses.”

What do you see as the main trends in IoT in a business context and from your perspective as a Business Development Manager

Security cameras in the IoT are far from being as smart as they could be. They can do much more than just deliver video data. For software developers involved in video analytics and AI, this opens the door to a huge market across industry boundaries. The same applies to integrators, who can offer lots of new solutions for different industries through many new applications. We are committed to supporting this development with our open IoT platform.

Theresa, thank you very much for the chat!

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