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You will be surprised how public transport looks like in the AI decade

AI video technology is about to take security & operations in public transportation to the next level. Here’s how smart IoT cameras will reinvent public surveillance.

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OSSA - Open Security & Safety Alliance

Author: Andy Penfold
Mar 25, 2020 10:14:41 AM

The Open Security & Safety Alliance (OSSA) is a collaboration initiative that brings together like-minded organizations in order to create a framework providing standards and specifications for common components.

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These components include an (1) Operating System (OS), (2) IoT infrastructure, (3) collective approach for data security and privacy, and (4) a drive for improved levels of performance for security and safety solutions.

 OSSA at MIPS 2020

The OSSA-orchestrated ecosystem is designed to enhance trust, innovation and opportunity for industry stakeholders and customers. The initiative is anchored by OSSA’s first Technology Stack for video security cameras and the idea to establish one common IoT infrastructure, including one marketplace to bundle supply and demand for new invention. This Technology Stack outlines the use of a common, vendor-agnostic open Operating System for video surveillance cameras and defines standardized application programming interfaces (APIs). The common IoT infrastructure and open OS are being developed by OSSA member company Security and Safety Things GmbH.

Within its first 18 months, OSSA attracted nearly 40 influential member organizations from the industry and beyond, ranging from device manufacturers, software developers and system integrators to distributors and system-on-a-chip (SoC) companies. As the Alliance progresses into its second year, it plans to continue harmonizing key industry elements to stimulate differentiation and prosperity across security and safety categories.


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