How we organized the first live hackathon at ISC West in Las Vegas

ISC West is one of the most important security trade fairs worldwide. In 2019 the Security and Safety Things presented a real premiere: the first live hackathon on the occasion of the important security event.

hackathon, security and safety, Iot, isc west
SC West is one of the most important security trade fairs worldwide. This year the IoT safety & security startup SAST is presenting a real premiere: the first live hackathon on the occasion of the important security event.


In April the ISC West takes place in Las Vegas, one of the world’s most important trade fairs and conferences for security. Visitors have the opportunity to learn in detail and depth about various innovations and security trends. There exhibitors show solutions, services, and innovative products and present them in live demos and case studies.

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Security and Safety Things was among these other innovative solutions and presented his IoT platform live for the first time. We are a wholly owned but independent Bosch startup that brings an Android-based app-ecosystem for visual security applications. The company also had a real premiere for the visitors of the ISC world ready: what was probably the first live hackathon on the occasion of the ISC West.

hackathon, security and safety, Iot, isc west


On the 10th and 11th of April, the first two days of the fair, three teams worked on solutions with the ecosystem, wrote code and published their apps. These three teams proved in less than two days that the new system is the ideal platform for programming powerful apps for the security world. 

After a technical introduction, the teams (each consisting of a computer vision specialist and a developer) created a deployable solution. The members of the teams each had a suitable background in IoT, image processing and machine learning.

For the hackathon, there were be Google pixel phones as well as reference cameras available – and the appropriate APIs and development kits (not to forget some dummy data) that are needed. The framework of the OS consists of a video API, a control API, and a web server API.

The developers starting point within the app skeleton is the RestHandler and there was be a main server that processes the video images in the foreground. Thus, the development teams were among the first to have the opportunity to experience the development experience of the OS.

The OS promise: Executable apps within two days

What we expected from these two days is on one hand, obviously, the development of apps. But, on the other hand, we also wanted to bring stunning proof of how easily and quickly executable solutions can be developed. In addition, our experience provided us with input for improvements of the OS, our operating system for computer vision and IoT.

Last, not least, we also wanted to fascinate other developers for the technology behind the OS. Because we are convinced that the ecosystem and framework that we are currently creating will soon be a powerful standard for developers and integrators (and also for hardware manufacturers).

hackathon, security and safety, Iot, isc west


The time we can give the teams to develop a fully deployable app prototype is very limited. But we are sure that this challenge enabled us to show how powerful our app environment is. The tasks the teams accomplished in this tight time frame all had something to do with sports - and a football stadium.

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