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You will be surprised how public transport looks like in the AI decade

AI video technology is about to take security & operations in public transportation to the next level. Here’s how smart IoT cameras will reinvent public surveillance.

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Cvedia - Drone Detection

Author: Andy Penfold
Jan 23, 2019 1:01:00 PM

CVEDIA is an end-to-end AI solutions company, building machine learning algorithms for computer vision applications where traditional data collection isn’t possible.

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Our proprietary synthetic technology creates AI that is stronger, more resilient and better at generalizing.

Used by over 30 Fortune 500 companies, CVEDIA creates AI solutions that encompass software, hardware and architecture integration. Our proprietary simulation engine, SynCity, provides a backdrop for algorithm design and testing, all while being rigorously validated by data scientists. We take pride in what we do, and each model comes fully supported for continuous improvement and ongoing algorithm maintenance.

Product Demo - Cvedia

Our solutions are designed to fit into various project requirements, from network-heavy applications to low-power edge devices, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with S&ST devices. CVEDIA’s library of pre-built machine learning algorithms allows customization through in-house development and can be adjusted according to input and output requirements. Unique classification parameters and extra detection classes can be included in a matter of weeks.

Deploy your system with CVEDIA’s synthetic data technology for better object recognition, improved safety and efficiency, and new opportunities.

Visit our library of pre-built algorithms now: www.cvedia.com


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