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CES 2021 - Watch Bosch's interview with Security & Safety Things

This year our open IoT platform for security cameras won the CES 2021 Innovation Award. We are really looking forward to this show, and here is what you can expect.
Author: Andy Penfold
Jan 4, 2021 10:30:05 AM
10 min read

In 2020 we launched our open IoT platform for security cameras. Since then, our Application Store has grown tremendously, so it's high time to show the world how AI Video Analytics turns simple cameras into real business all-rounders. 

See Sina's breakout session on Ai in Action here: 


Want to know more about Sina's story? Read her IoT Hero Interview. 

At CES 2021, you will experience how smart security cameras help make operations in retail, stadiums and traffic not only safer but also more efficient. Let’s turn security cameras into smart IoT devices!

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Meet the Security & Safety Things team at CES 2021
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CES 2021 Innovation Award

We are proud to report today that our open IoT platform for security cameras won the CES® 2021 Innovation Awards! Many thanks to the Security & Safety Things team and all who made this huge success possible!


The CES Innovation Awards program is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. The program recognizes honorees in a multitude of categories and distinguishes the highest rated in each.

Did you know…? The first CES took place in New York City in June 1967. Since then, thousands of products have been announced at the yearly show, including many that have transformed our lives such as Videocassette Recorder 1970, Laserdisc Player 1974, DVD 1996, OLED TV 2008, etc. - See timeline of technology milestones here.

Bringing AI video analytics to your industry

Our IoT platform for security cameras is open to the most innovative products from camera manufacturers, software developers and system integrators worldwide, revolutionizing all industries where smart video technology is getting increasingly important.

At CES 2021, we will focus on applications in retail, stadiums and traffic, demonstrating how surveillance cameras equipped with the latest AI video technology can help operators prepare for the digital future. Smart IoT cameras will perform complex tasks beyond security and safety that nobody expects from cameras.

AI video technology revolutionizing retail business

There are surveillance cameras in almost every store and mall worldwide. At Security & Safety Things, we enable retailers to get more out of their cameras systems. Here are some applications for AI Video Analytics you can implement today:

Understand visitor behavior to create outstanding buying experiences

Reduce waiting times and avoid queues at checkouts

Drive sales through personalized in-store promotion

Ensure availability of goods on shelves and in stock

Monitor compliance with COVID-19 hygiene rules

This is just a small sample of the nearly unlimited possibilities that smart video technology offers. At CES 2021, we will be showcasing groundbreaking camera apps from our Application Store live at our virtual booth. Save the date!

Visit our Application Store to see all use cases available for retail!

Taking stadium operations & security to the next level

Powerful security cameras in sports facilities provide video data, smart apps installed on the devices analyze data and trigger appropriate actions. Surveillance that required complex computer systems in the past are now executed directly on the edge:

Understand crowd emotions and control group dynamics

 Detect suspicious behavior early to prevent violence and vandalism

Reduce waiting times at checkouts, snack bars & restrooms

Improve parking space management and guide traffic

Example: Monitoring stadium occupancy in real-time using Isarsoft Perception


In our Application Store you find a wide range of camera apps designed for various tasks in stadiums and other sports facilities. Together with our partners we will showcase some of these at CES 2021.

Visit our Application Store to see all use cases available for sports & entertainment

Enabling smart traffic management with AI

Security cameras are not new in traffic surveillance. Video technology already helps catch speeders and red light runners and monitor traffic density to avoid traffic jams. With the rise of AI, IoT and smart cities, the time has come to take traffic video surveillance to the next level. AI-equipped security cameras can help to make our roads and highways safe and pleasant places again:

Detect license plates even in twilight or bad weather conditions

 Using AI video analytics to analyze and optimize street layouts

Get real-time insights to detect traffic anomalies

Detect (unauthorized) traffic in public parking lots

Visit our Application Store to see all use cases available for traffic management

The list of AI applications for security cameras could go on, with Security & Safety Things the possibilities are almost unlimited, because our camera OS allows you to combine different apps and customize the capabilities of your cameras according to your individual requirements - as easy and flexible as you know it from your smartphone.

Find more camera apps and inspiration at our booth at CES 2021 and in our Application Store!

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