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4 AI apps for security cameras to boost sales that you didn't know

Security cameras can do things you wouldn't expect them to do, such as analyzing shopping carts, detecting customer emotions, recognizing fallen customers and more. Find out here what smart video analytics can do for your business.

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Bosch Building Technologies  - INTEOX

Author: Andy Penfold
Apr 17, 2020 10:30:00 AM

Bosch Building Technologies is a leading global supplier of security, safety, and communications products and systems. Bosch offers solutions and services for building security, energy efficiency and building automation.


Bosch has announced the launch of INTEOX, a new camera platform that is set to change the security and safety industry. The first fully open platform of its kind, INTEOX gives users, system integrators and application developers unprecedented freedom for innovation and customization.

Product Demo - INTEOX

Designed to modernise the market, INTEOX recognizes the fact that security solutions have far more potential than just creating a safe and secure environment. Security devices are actually sophisticated sensors that can provide valuable data that can be analyzed and used in a whole host of new and beneficial ways, many of which we can only imagine.

INTEOX paves the way for future solutions thanks to an open platform that combines built-in Intelligent Video Analytics from Bosch with superb performance, the Operating System of Security and Safety Things, and the ability to securely add software apps afterwards.

The first cameras based on the INTEOX platform are expected from June 2020 onwards. 

More information: INTEOX 


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