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AndroVideo – Smart AIoT Cameras

AndroVideo is a leading edge computing, surveillance, and artificial intelligence innovator, designing simple yet effective smart cameras based on an integrated hardware-software platform.

We use high-end SoCs and high-definition camera lenses as the underlying hardware and develop AI engines atop this highly integrated architecture. AndroVideo empowers cameras to perform analytics and make a difference to businesses and individuals by bringing AI closer to everyday life.


Since their roll-out, our smart cameras have proven applicability of facial recognition, human detection, age and gender recognition, and pose estimation in different market sectors – video surveillance, smart retail, long-term care, smart manufacturing, and fitness and recreation. To take a leap forward in AI-assisted surveillance and video analytics, we plan to launch our next-generation smart cameras with more powerful AI capabilities and optimized performance in Q3, 2020.

As one of the early participating members of Security and Safety Things, we continuously create many innovations based on the Security and Safety Things OS in conjunction with our state-of-the-art AI engines to lay a sound foundation for rapid AIoT development.

AndroVideo has positioned itself as a key innovator and provider of smart cameras – capable of recognizing objects and performing analytics directly on the camera. Our profound dedication to Edge AI enables us to leverage the full power of AI technologies to align with your business requirements perfectly and enhance use cases across a wide range of applicable fields. Furthermore, by adopting a user-centered approach to Edge AI computing, AndroVideo bridges the gap between people’s needs and technology.

We invite you to embark on an AI journey with us. Please visit http://www.androvideo.com.


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