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You will be surprised how public transport looks like in the AI decade

AI video technology is about to take security & operations in public transportation to the next level. Here’s how smart IoT cameras will reinvent public surveillance.

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You will be surprised how public transport looks like in the AI decade

Our IoT Heroes: Justin Frints - VP Operating Systems

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TNG - Innovation Lab

Our IoT Heroes: Mithil Reddy - Back-End Developer

Why we should not underestimate the value of smart cameras in public

Forget CCTV (as you know it) - here comes smart video surveillance

Topview Optronics Corp.

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AndroVideo – Smart AIoT Cameras

How new applications for security cameras could help flatten the curve

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The infinite possibilities for a new generation of IoT cameras

BSTsecurity - Vision of Things

Security & Safety in IoT: Exploring our core values

Bosch Building Technologies  - INTEOX

How smart surveillance brings logistics and warehousing to a new level

5.8 Billion IoT Endpoints - Top IoT trends to keep an eye on in 2020

Our IoT Heroes: Hartmut Schaper - CEO

OSSA - Open Security & Safety Alliance

What's new on Security and Safety Things?

The secret of major retail chains to boost sales using AI and IoT

Our IoT Heroes: Maria Cecília Lima - Marketing & Community Manager


How IoT is reshaping the future of video surveillance

3 ways AI cameras can improve fan experience in sports stadiums

Start-Ups that will Revolutionise Agriculture, Geo Imaging & Sports

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Our IoT Heroes: Martina Schuler - Team Assistant

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Meet us at CES 2020 Las Vegas! Booth #12401!

How Object Recognition will boost video surveillance in the next years

Our IoT Heroes: Lukas Liese - UX Designer

Why the security industry is the perfect place for app developers

Our IoT Heroes: Maximiliane Nolden - Business Development Manager

Start-Ups Revolutionizing Computer Vision in Retail, Mobility & Health

Start-Ups that Change the Game in Video Analytics & Deep Learning

GSX Chicago 2019 Recap -  Security and Safety Things

Our IoT Heroes: Zhu Yang - Senior UX Designer

GSX 2019 Chicago - Come meet our partners live showcasing at booth #233

How to upgrade retail security technology to IoT Excellence

Start-ups shaping Face, Gesture & Object Recognition for smart cameras

Our IoT Heroes: Felicitas Geiss - VP Strategy & Venture Architecture

Meet us at GSX 2019 Chicago! Booth #233

75+ start-ups that revolutionize Computer Vision in IoT

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Our IoT Heroes: Jasenko Hadziomeragic - Software Engineer

Why is our OS derived from Android?

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Security and Safety technology: The best is yet to come!

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Using smart security cameras to deliver the ultimate fan experience

How we organized the first live hackathon at ISC West in Las Vegas

5 Hot new start-ups at ISC West 2019

We showcase our open IoT platform for security cameras at ISC West

How smart cameras increase efficiency in transportation

The IoT in retail – Sell smarter using security cameras

CES 2019: Innovations and trends for the Security and Safety industry

SAIMOS - People Counting & Heatmapping

Noema by DSR Corporation - Gun Detection

Ultinous - Person Re-Identification

Neurosoft - Licence Plate Recognition

Semantive - Falling Detection

DataFromSky - FLOW Framework

Applications for security cameras: It's time for a revolution

Cvedia - Drone Detection

Geutebrück - Safety Gear Detection

Asura Technologies - Licence Plate Recognition

The TOP trends in the IoT for startups in 2019

Welcome to Security and Safety Things

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