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3 ways AI cameras can improve fan experience in sports stadiums

Smart security cameras in the IoT equipped with AI can help improve both security and operations in sports venues and stadiums. Find out here how this works in practice.
Author: Andy Penfold
Feb 6, 2020 9:20:20 AM
5 min read

Among the many critical elements in the management of huge sports events, there are three major challenges:

1. Protect visitors from dangerous behavior or violence 

2. Provide enough parking for visitors

3. Quickly process visitors at tills and restrooms.

Having these factors under control as an operator determines whether or not visitors feel comfortable at events. It is therefore worth checking how technology can help. Operators, as well as developers and integrators in the safety and security sector, can strongly benefit from rapid technology development and growing demands in the field of sports events.

… the smart stadium market forecast is projected to reach $ 22,101.9 million by 2025, registering a CAGR of 23.19% from 2018 to 2025.” (Allied Market Research)

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Here are 3 applications that help improve the fan experience in stadiums and sports facilities…

1. Use smart cameras to make parking more comfortable

The search for parking spaces near stadiums and sports facilities can be a challenge for your visitors. So does leaving a car park after an event if many visitors are on their way home at the same time. Intelligent parking concepts are designed to make parking more comfortable. 

Networked security cameras can play an important role here: Equipped with video analytics, they detect empty parking spaces and, connected to a parking guidance system, guide visitors directly to free slots. In a similar way, they can also help control the flow of traffic at peak times to avoid traffic jams and long waiting times at exits.

Example: Parking AI in action

Source: Pixevia

2. Use smart cameras to reduce waiting times at tills and restrooms

Similar to public transportation, for example at airports, security cameras in the IoT can help monitor and control visitor flows at sports events. Most stadiums are already equipped with camera systems. These only need to be enabled to analyze video data and communicate with other IoT devices in real-time.

Many start-ups and companies are working on developing smart apps for cameras so that they can, for example, detect queues or measure waiting times at checkouts and toilets early and redirect visitors…


Source: WaitTime

These are just three of many applications where smart security cameras can not only make sports events more secure, but also more efficient.

3. Use smart cameras to prevent hooliganism

“Perhaps the most common and successful form of technology used at football grounds are CCTV cameras, used to catch instances of football hooliganism.- footballnetwork.org

The overview of visitors and fans at sports events is a classic application for security cameras in stadiums. Despite video technology, it is still up to humans to recognize dangerous events in time and act quickly. This is often a weakness of security concepts, and might cause unnecessary privacy invasion of people attending the event.

Modern security cameras equipped with powerful processors don't even need to deliver video footage to observers. They can simply use AI to detect what might be considered suspicious visitor behavior and automatically alert human personnel onsite to do a double check.

Smart security cameras do not always have to be permanently installed, they can also be attached to drones, as this example shows:

Source: Amarjot Singh (University of Cambridge), Devendra Patil (NIT Warangal India), SN Omkar (IISc Bangalore)

Start creating perfect fan experiences with IP-Cameras and Security and Safety Things

Many camera systems that are already in use today could deliver more than they currently do. There is still a lot of potential in their processors waiting to be harnessed. That's why many software companies and startups are working on building camera solutions for stadiums and sports events.

As a user or integrator it is worthwhile to browse through what technology already exists. As a developer, you have the chance to develop innovative applications that are still missing.

We at Security and Safety Things help you get more out of your security camera systems with our open platform plus marketplace, where you find the latest and most innovative software apps. 

Why Security and Safety Things? Because safety and security are our highest priorities. We believe we can enhance both — for people and for businesses, all around the world.

How? With our open IoT platform for security cameras. Starting in 2020, Security and Safety Things will enable seamless management of networked cameras — by unleashing a new generation of AI-based security apps. With our ecosystem, our aim is nothing less than creating a global industry standard.

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