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Improve patient care and optimize processes

Healthcare and Elderly Care

Gain detailed insights into your healthcare facility and optimize processes and operations with video analytics from the S&ST Application Store.


Smart and safe hospitals

Use business intelligence applications to optimize processes and layout to increase patient treatment and satisfaction - while safeguarding visitors, staff, and patients and becoming more efficient.


Improve patient care

  • Implement remote patient monitoring that gives real-time analytics insights. 
  • Detect patient falls and alert staff immediately.
  • Monitor operations to reduce complications. 

Protect patients and secure equipment

  • Monitor adherence to protective equipment and restrict access in highly sensitive areas.
  • Detect and track valuable equipment.
  • Pinpoint hard to access or narrow areas (e.g., fire exits, elevators/escalators) that are blocked or crowded.

Solution benefits


Easy integration

Integrate into the tools and systems you use.


Multiple apps per camera

Cameras are powered by a chipset that can run several apps in parallel.


High data privacy

Keep your customers' data secure. Video analytics runs on the edge – it is not required to save a video stream in the cloud.




Only relevant footage needs saving, reducing storage costs. Cameras can be upgraded and repurposed with software.



Future proof investment

We can't see into the future; however, with our camera solution, you can flexibly re-purpose all of your camera devices at any time with our Application Store.


Happy customers

See our apps in action

Get in touch, and we’ll help you understand how our platform can make a difference for your business.

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Resources for healthcare

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Using smart video analytics to improve operations in healthcare facilities