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Build and deploy tailor-made solutions

Our IoT platform gives you the flexibility you’ve been searching for. No more distracting technical and software issues. Just an open IoT platform that gives you the flexibility to blend cameras from different manufacturers, each one doing a different job, using a different app, while managing the whole thing from our Device Management Portal.

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Fast, effective & intuitive

Offer more value with innovative apps

Leverage our pioneering Application Store to give your customers the advantage of our groundbreaking AI-enabled apps for security cameras.

Run apps on any supported camera

Run apps on any security camera

Find, trial and buy apps that work on many cameras thanks to our open OS.

  • Test apps quickly and without hassle or commitment. 
  • Enjoy high-quality apps, doing one job just right.
Get the latest AI-enabled apps

Get the latest AI-enabled apps

Offer your customers the very latest solutions to transform their business.

  • Give customers access to unrivalled innovation at no extra cost. 
  • Increase revenues by adding value for your customers.

Benefit from seamless integration

Fuse groundbreaking technology to create great solutions in a breeze.

Test apps in real-world scenarios

Test apps in real-world scenarios

Download the app and test it straight away. No waiting.

  • Enjoy reduced service costs.
  • Solve issues faster with our direct support.
Set up your project faster

Set up your project faster

Start things moving and then monitor every device and every app remotely.   

  • Feel full control with minimal effort. 
  • Get projects deployed fast.

Stay in total control

Access our simple Device Management Portal for all the tools you need to manage your connected security cameras.

Manage every device online

Manage every device online

Access all the data and check diagnostics in real time.

  • Manage unlimited cameras across multiple projects.
  • Enjoy lower maintenance and service costs.
Work Remotely

Work from anywhere

Forgot about visiting multiple sites. Manage all your projects remotely.

  • Offer your customers faster response times.
  • Cut out time-consuming site visits.

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