Commercial buildings

Increase building efficiency and security


Gain detailed insights into people flow and occupancy to improve building efficiency and convenience - with video analytics from the S&ST Application Store.


Automate building management

Gain detailed insights into building utilization to optimize floor layouts and create a better work atmosphere for your employees — all while making your building more efficient, safe, and secure.


Improve building efficiency

  • Monitor people flow to see which areas of the building are more frequented and optimize your building layout accordingly.
  • Data analytics and recommended actions are provided in real-time. Set alerts to take immediate action if required.
  • Easily integrate data with your existing building management solutions to make your building truly smart.



Protect people and property

  • Pinpoint hard to access or narrow areas (e.g., fire exits, elevators/escalators) that are blocked or crowded.
  • Reduce security guards through automated building patrol tours
  • Data analytics and recommended actions are provided in real-time. Set alerts to take immediate action if required.

Solution benefits


Easy integration

Integrate into the tools and systems you use.


Multiple apps per camera

Cameras are powered by a chipset that can run several apps in parallel.


High data privacy

Keep your customers' data secure. Video analytics runs on the edge – it is not required to save a video stream in the cloud.




Only relevant footage needs saving, reducing storage costs. Cameras can be upgraded and repurposed with software.



Future proof investment

We can't see into the future; however, with our camera solution, you can flexibly re-purpose all of your camera devices at any time with our Application Store.


Happy customers

Start with a free trial

Our 30-day trial program is an easy way to gain actionable insights into your business with our camera solution - no strings attached.

We'll start with a short discovery session to find out more about your business goals

If you decide to start a trial, we'll begin scoping the project with our Technical Sales team

Once the trial starts, we'll begin analyzing camera data to give you actionable insights

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